Downton Abbey Props: Sardine Dish

English Majolica Sardine Dish
English Majolica Sardine Dish seen on Downton Abbey

Downton Abbey, the PBS series, was set in the Edwardian era, however many of the original antique props were from previous eras such as this Victorian  Sardine dish, which is appropriate considering that household items in such a great house would have accumulated over years.

The English Majolica sardine dish originated around the 1870's at a time when tinned sardines were a novelty and often took center place on the table at tea time.

Majolica dishes in whimsical designs became popular for serving sardines on the table instead of using the unsightly tin, and special sardine forks were used to serve them. George Jones is one of the most desirable names in Victorian Majolica and this pineapple themed piece is very similar to his designs. Below is an identical one seen on ebay this week - click on picture for the original eBay listing.

Pineapple Majolica Sardine Dish seen on eBay

Bear in mind that antique majolica is for display only - not suitable for food use - due to possible lead content in vintage and antique glazes.
Daisy carries the Sardine Dish Prop on Downton Abbey

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