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Jeeves and Wooster: A Visit to Ditteridge Hall

Bertie Wooster drinks tea at Ditteridge Hall

In the first episode of Jeeves and Wooster, the TV series starring Hugh Laurie and Stephen Fry (based on "Jeeves Takes Charge" by P.G. Wodehouse), Bertie and Jeeves pay a visit to Ditteridge Hall. Above is a view of Bertie having his morning cup of tea while Jeeves prepares the bath and fills Bertie's shaving mug.

Jeeves attends to his morning duties

The props used in the scene are most appropriate for a gentleman visiting the country seat of the Glossop family - the scene was filmed at Englefield House, Berkshire.

Spode Sheffield Cup and Saucer

Bertie Wooster takes his morning tea from a Spode Sheffield Cup and Saucer.

There is a shaving mug set on Amazon that looks quite like the one Bertie Wooster uses at
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Get the look: Lady Mary Crawley’s Breakfast China

Lady Mary Crawley's Breakfast Tray -Spode Stafford White China Cup and saucer, Crown Derby Creamer Jug

Going all out for a full set of Downton Abbey style fine china may not be practical or affordable on a limited budget. A fine china breakfast tray setting is an affordable luxury and perfect for a stylish breakfast in bed. Take inspiration from Lady Mary Crawley's breakfast tray. On the Downton Abbey set they used  Spode Stafford White china with a custom Downton Abbey crest but otherwise identical to the pieces you can buy online  See a selection here on eBay. Also on Lady Mary's tray is a tall cream jug from Royal Crown Derby with a distinctive panel on the side. The example above has a green colorway.  Here is another example with Red detailing.

Royal Crown Derby Panel Large Creamer
Royal Crown Derby Panel Large Creamer seen on eBay

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