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Walk from Villa America to Garoupe Beach

Sarah and Gerald Murphy and their children liked to walk to the Garoupe beach from the house they build nearby 'Villa America' (112 Chemin des Mougins ). Here is a Google map of the walk so you can follow in their footsteps.

When The Murphy's first came to Antibes and discovered the Garoupe beach, they were staying in hotels such as Hotel Du Cap or rented accomodation. The eventually bought a property and renovated it and called it Villa America.

Some popular books on the Murphys. I have recently read "Everybody was so Young" and "Making it New" each of which I highly recommend. "Everybody was so Young" is a comprehensive account of the life and times of the Murphys. "Making it New" examines the evolution of their stylish lifestyle including Gerald's paintings and is a good one to read following the other book.