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I Love MY Lucy by Desi Arnaz 1952

I Love MY Lucy
Screenland Plus TV-Land Nov 1952

"Lucy is quite a girl. She's been my
wife for ten years and I should know."

IT DOESN'T surprise me at all that so many people seem to
love Lucy. After all, Lucy — also known as Lucille Ball Arnaz
— is quite a girl. She's been my wife for over ten years now
and I should know.

Lucy and I have had a strange kind of life together. It's been
full of laughs — and some disappointments. But we wouldn't have
wanted it any other way. We're both glad, however, that a
certain TV show called "I Love Lucy" came along and was
lucky enough to be a hit, for it was this that finally gave us the
chance to be a family. Continue reading I Love MY Lucy by Desi Arnaz 1952

I Love Lucy Color Footage (1951)

Priceless color footage taken by an audience member.
This short 8 mm Color film Footage was filmed by an audience member of "I Love Lucy", on the evening of October 12, 1951, at Sound Stage #2 of Desilu Studios, Hollywood, California.

The episode being filmed was Episode 6 of Season One, "The Audition".( It was a remake of "I Love Lucy" pilot episode, which was presumed lost until 1990.)

Although  many people who tried to capture the  filming, Jess Oppenheimer, the producer and writer of "I Love Lucy",  prohibited it, because of the risk of leaking it. Because of this, this footage is the only surviving material of "Behind-the-Scenes" of this legendary sitcom. (It is said that Desi Arnaz filmed some filming scenes using his own 8 mm movie camera, but it is not proven.)

Of all four main stars, Vivian Vance does not in this footage. Jess Oppenheimer, and renouned cameraman, Karl Freund, are seen briefly.

Fashion Trend by Johnson-Carper Bedroom Furniture: Live like Lucy

Live like Lucy

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