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Downton Abbey: Lady Violet Style Paper Mache Table

Lady Violet on Downton Abbey seated next to her decorative Papier Mache table. This table appears throughout the series as a key piece of furniture in the Dowager Lady Violet's drawing room. Her servant bell is usually seen on this table which she uses to great effect to both summon servants and dismiss guests as the whim takes her.

Paper Mache Table
English Victorian Paper Mache Tilt Top Table

Here is a similar table seen on eBay this week - click on the picture to view the detais - just the conversation piece to impress your guests. You can be sure the Dowager Countess would approve.

Gift Idea: Royal Doulton Downton Abbey Figurines

Royal Doulton Downton Abbey
Another gift idea for Downton Abbey fans is a Downton Abbey figurine from Royal Doulton. They are faithfully crafted limited edition pieces. A selection can currently be seen on the Royal Doulton online store.
If your favorite character is sold out you may find one at a good price  on eBay : CLICK HERE for the current listings on eBay

Lady Mary Figurine by Royal Doulton

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Holiday Collectibles: Add to your collection of Downton Abbey pieces from Dept 56

The holiday season is a great time for displaying Department 56 village collectibles and Downton Abbey fans who missed out on the now retired Downton Abbey pieces from Dept 56 can still find them for sale on the secondary market. The pieces are carefully designed as we can see from the Video clip below.

Downton Abbey: Mrs Hughes’ Pullman Lamp

Brass tripod Pullman lamp on Mrs Hughes table

If you ever wondered about the lamp on the table in Mrs Hughes sitting room you may be interested to know that it is a called a Pullman lamp. Pullman lamps were commonly seen on Pullman railway carriages in in the Edwardian era. The picture on the right above is an example of a similar brass tripod Pullman table lamp and is an original antique from the era . I see more like it on eBay occasionally. Click here to see the current selection.

Lady Violet’s perfume on Downton Abbey

Lady Violed on Downton Abbey with vintage perfume bottle,
Lady Violed on Downton Abbey with vintage perfume bottle,

A vintage Grossmith Phul-Nana perfume bottle with original box is offered on eBay this week : The Dowager Lady Violet was seen holding one like it in a scene from Downton Abbey. I the scene Lady Edith is visiting Lady Violet following the episode where she has been jilted at the altar. She delivers the perfume to Lady Violet from her shopping trip and Lady Violet remarks on the price:"A guinea? for a bottle of scent? Did he have a mask and a gun?"


Household Wants Indicator Available on Ebay

The household wants indicatior is a much wanted Downton Abbey related collector item and this is one that is on eBay currently - click picture above to go straight to the listing on eBay.
Recent news about the Downton Abbey movie is sure to please fans and to heat up the demand for vintage collectibles again:

Downton Abbey Props: Sardine Dish

English Majolica Sardine Dish
English Majolica Sardine Dish seen on Downton Abbey

Downton Abbey, the PBS series, was set in the Edwardian era, however many of the original antique props were from previous eras such as this Victorian  Sardine dish, which is appropriate considering that household items in such a great house would have accumulated over years. Continue reading Downton Abbey Props: Sardine Dish