50s TV

Television Shows (Source: Wikipedia):

The 20th Century Fox Hour (drama series)
21 Beacon Street (detective series)
26 Men (western series)
The $64,000 Question (game show)
77 Sunset Strip (detective series)
The Abbott and Costello Show (sitcom)
ABC World News (news)
Abe Burrows' Almanac (variety show)
Accused (legal court show)
Action in the Afternoon (western series)
Actors Studio (drama shows)
The Ad-Libbers (comedy sketch)
Adventure (documentary series)
Adventure Playhouse (showed 1948 films)
Adventure Theater (English drama shows)
Adventures in Paradise (adventure series)
The Adventures of Champion (children's western series)
The Adventures of Dr. Fu Manchu (drama series)
The Adventures of Ellery Queen (mystery series)
The Adventures of Hiram Holliday (comedy adventure series)
The Adventures of Jim Bowie (western series)
The Adventures of Kit Carson (western series)
The Adventures of Ozzie and Harriet (family sitcom)
The Adventures of Rin Tin Tin (children's show)
The Adventures of Superboy (children's show)
Adventures of Superman (children's show)
The Adventures of Superpup (children's show)
The Adventures of Tugboat Annie (comedy adventure series)
The Adventures of Wild Bill Hickok (western series)
Air Power (documentary series)
The Al Morgan Show (variety show)
The Alan Dale Show (variety show)
The Alan Young Show (variety show)
The Alaskans (adventure series)
The Alcoa Hour (drama shows)
Alcoa Presents: One Step Beyond (supernatural drama shows)
Alcoa Theatre (drama shows)
The Aldrich Family (teenage sitcom)
Alfred Hitchcock Presents (mystery drama show)
The Amazing Mr. Malone (legal drama show)
American Bandstand (teenage dance)
Amos 'n' Andy (children's show)
And Everything Nice (fashion)
The Andy Williams Show (variety show)
Andy's Gang (children's show)
The Ann Sothern Show (sitcom)
Annie Oakley (western series)
Answers for Americans (documentary public affairs)
Appointment with Adventure (adventure drama series)
The Armed Forces Hour (documentary show)
Armstrong Circle Theatre (drama series)
Arthur Godfrey and His Friends (variety show)
Arthur Godfrey's Talent Scouts (variety show)
The Arthur Murray Party (variety show)
As the World Turns (soap opera)
Atom Squad (science fiction)
The Auntie Dee Show (children's talent show)
Author Meets the Critics (talk show)
Award Theatre (showed motion pictures)
Bachelor Father (sitcom)
Back That Fact (game show)
Bat Masterson (western series)
Battle of the Ages (game show)
The Bear Bryant Show (sports)
Beat the Clock (game show)
Behind Closed Doors (drama series)
The Bell Telephone Hour (music show)
The Bigelow Theatre (drama show)
Black Saddle (western)
Blind Date (game show)
Blondie (comedy series)
Jack Benny (comedy show)
The Best of Broadway (drama show)
Better Living TV Theater (documentary show)
The Betty Hutton Show (sitcom)
Beulah (sitcom)
Beyond This Place (drama show)
Biff Baker, U.S.A. (crime drama series)
The Big Game (game show)
The Big Payoff (game show)
The Big Picture (documentary show)
The Big Story (crime series)
The Big Story (drama show)
The Big Surprise (quiz show)
Big Top (children's show)
Big Town (drama show)
The Bob Cummings Show (sitcom)
Bold Journey (documentary travelogue)
Bold Venture (adventure series)
Bonanza (western series)
Bonino (sitcom)
Boots and Saddles (western series)
Border Patrol (adventure drama series)
Bourbon Street Beat (detective series)
Bowling Headliners (sports)
Bowling on NBC (sports)
Boxing From Eastern Parkway (sports)
Boxing from St. Nicholas Arena (sports)
Boxing on NBC (sports)
Brains & Brawn (game show)
Brave Eagle (western series)
Break the Bank (quiz show)
The Brighter Day (soap opera)
Broadway Open House (comedy variety show)
Broadway to Hollywood (talk show)
Broken Arrow (western series)
Bronco (western series)
The Brothers (sitcom)
Buck Rogers (children's science fiction series)
Buckskin (sitcom)
Buddy Deane Show (teenage dance show)
Buffalo Bill, Jr. (western series)
Burns and Allen (comedy show)
The Buster Keaton Show (children's show)

Caesar's Hour (comedy show)
The Californians (western series)
Camel News Caravan (news)
Cameo Theatre (drama show)
Camera Three (variety show)
The Campbell Playhouse (drama show)
Can You Top This? (comedy show)
Candid Camera (comedy show)
Captain 11's Showboat (children's show)
Captain David Grief (adventure series)
Captain Gallant of the Foreign Legion (comedy drama series)
Captain Kangaroo (children's)
Captain Video and His Video Rangers (science fiction show)
The Cases of Eddie Drake (crime drama series)
Casey Jones (children's western series)
Casey, Crime Photographer (crime drama series)
Cavalcade of America (drama show)
Cavalcade of Bands (music show)
CBS Evening News (news)
CBS Television Workshop (news)
Celanese Theater (drama show)
Celebrity Playhouse (drama show)
Celebrity Time (game show)
Charley Weaver's Hobby Lobby (talk show)
Charlie Wild, Private Detective (detective series)
The Chesterfield Supper Club (music show)
The Chevrolet Tele-Theatre (drama show)
Cheyenne (western series)
Chicagoland Mystery Players (crime show)
China Smith (adventure series)
Choose Up Sides (children's game show)
Cimarron City (western series)
Circus Boy (children's adventure series)
Circus Time (variety show)
The Cisco Kid (western series)
City Detective (detective series)
City Hospital (drama medical show)
The Clay Cole Show (music show)
Climax! (drama show)
Club Oasis (comedy variety show)
Coke Time with Eddie Fisher (musical variety show)
The Colgate Comedy Hour (comedy show)
College Bowl (teenage quiz show)
Colonel Humphrey Flack (sitcom)
Colt .45 (western series)
Combat Sergeant (war drama series)
The Comeback Story (reality show)
Commando Cody: Sky Marshal of the Universe (children's science fiction show)
Concentration (game show)
Concert Tonight (music show)
Confession (crime reality series)
Cosmopolitan Theatre (drama show)
Country Style (musical variety show)
Court of Current Issues (documentary current affairs)
The Court of Last Resort (legal drama show)
Cowboy G-Men (western series)
Crawford Mystery Theatre (mystery series)
Crossroads (religious drama series)
Crusader (adventure drama series)
Damon Runyon Theater (drama show)
Danger (drama show)
The Danny Thomas Show (sitcom)
Dark of Night (drama series)
A Date with Judy (sitcom)
Date with the Angels (sitcom)
The David Niven Show (drama show)
The David Susskind Show (talk show)
Davy Crockett (western miniseries)
Dear Phoebe (sitcom)
Death Valley Days (western)
December Bride (sitcom)
Decoy (crime drama series)
The Dennis Day Show (comedy variety show)
The Dennis O'Keefe Show (comedy show)
Dennis the Menace (children's sitcom series)
The Deputy (western series)
The Detectives Starring Robert Taylor (crime drama)
Dick and the Duchess (sitcom)
The Dick Clark Show (teenage dance)
Dick Clark's World of Talent (teenage variety show)
Dick Powell's Zane Grey Theater (western show)
The Dinah Shore Chevy Show (variety show)
The Dinah Shore Show (variety show)
Ding Dong School (children's show)
Dinner Date (musical show)
Divorce Court (court reality show)
Doc Corkle (sitcom)
Doc Holliday (western series)
The Doctor (medical drama series)
Dr. I.Q. (quiz show)
Dollar a Second (game show)
Don McNeill's Breakfast Club (variety show)
The Donald O'Connor Show (musical sitcom)
The Donna Reed Show (sitcom)
Dotto (quiz show)
The Dotty Mack Show (variety show)
Dough Re Mi (game show)
Douglas Fairbanks, Jr., Presents (drama show)
Down You Go (game show)
Dr. Hudson's Secret Journal (medical drama series)
Dragnet (police drama series)
Drama at Eight (drama show)
The Drew Pearson Show (documentary current affairs)
The Duke (comedy series)
DuMont Evening News (new)
DuMont Royal Theater (drama show)
DuPont Show of the Month (drama show)
The DuPont Show with June Allyson (drama show)
E The Ed Sullivan Show (variety show)
The Eddy Arnold Show (variety show)
Eddy Arnold Time (music show)
The Edge of Night (soap opera)
Eloise Salutes the Stars (talk show)
Encounter (drama show)
The Ernie Kovacs Show (comedy show)
Escape From Fear (drama show)
ESPN College Football on ABC (sports)
The Eternal Light (religious - Jewish)
Ethel Barrymore Theatre (drama show)
The Eve Arden Show (sitcom)
Face the Nation (documentary current affairs)
Famous Fights From Madison Square Garden (sports)
Famous Film Festival (prime time movies)
Famous Jury Trials (legal drama)
Father Knows Best (sitcom)
Fireside Theater (drama show)
The First Hundred Years (soap opera)
First Love (soap opera)
Fishing and Hunting Club (sports)
Five Fingers (adventure series)
Flash Gordon (children's science fiction)
Foodini the Great (children's show)
Football Sidelines (sports)
Football This Week (sports)
Ford Festival (variety show)
The Ford Show (variety show)
Ford Star Jubilee (drama show)
Ford Theatre (drama show)
Four Star Playhouse (drama show)
Frances Farmer Presents (drama show)
The Frank Sinatra Show (variety show)
The Frank Sinatra Show (variety show)
The Fred Waring Show (variety show)
From These Roots (soap opera)
Front Page Detective (crime drama series)
Frontier (western series)
Frontier Doctor (western series)
Frontier Justice (western series)
Frontier Theatre (western show)
Fury (western series)
The Gabby Hayes Show (western show)
The Gale Storm Show (sitcom)
The Gallery of Madame Liu-Tsong (detective series)
Gamble on Love (game show)
Gang Busters (crime drama show)
Garfield Goose and Friends (children's show)
Garroway at Large (musical variety show)
The Garry Moore Show (variety show)
The Gene Autry Show (western series)
General Electric Theater (drama show)
The George Sanders Mystery Theater (mystery drama show)
Georgetown University Forum (talk show)
Gillette Cavalcade of Sports (sports)
The Gisele MacKenzie Show (variety show)
The Goldbergs (comedy drama series)
The Golden Touch of Frankie Carle (musical variety show)
Golden Windows (soap opera)
Golf Channel on NBC (sports)
Goodyear Television Playhouse (drama show)
Goodyear Theatre (drama show)
The Gray Ghost (historical drama series - depicts the true story of Major John Singleton Mosby, a Virginia officer in the Confederate Army, whose cunning and stealth earned him the nickname "Gray Ghost".)
Gruen Playhouse (drama show)
Guide Right (musical variety show)
Guiding Light (soap opera)
Gunsmoke (western series)
The Guy Mitchell Show (variety show)
Haggis Baggis (game show)
Hallmark Hall of Fame (drama show)
The Halls of Ivy (sitcom)
Hands of Murder (mystery drama show)
The Hank McCune Show (sitcom)
Harbor Command (military action series, Coast Guard)
Harbormaster (adventure series)
Have a Heart (game show)
Have Gun – Will Travel (western series)
Hawaiian Eye (drama series)
Hawkins Falls, Population 6200 (soap opera)
The Hazel Scott Show (music show)
Heaven for Betsy (sitcom)
Hennesey (military sitcom series)
The Herb Shriner Show (comedy show)
Hey, Jeannie! (sitcom)
High Finance (quiz show)
High-Low (game show)
Highway Patrol (crime series)
Hold That Camera (game show)
Hollywood Screen Test (talent show)
Hollywood Wrestling (sports)
Honestly, Celeste! (sitcom)
The Honeymooners (sitcom)
Hopalong Cassidy (children's western series)
Hotel de Paree (western)
House of Shock (TV series)
House Party (variety show)
How to Marry a Millionaire (sitcom)
Howdy Doody (children's show)
Huntley-Brinkley Report (news)
I Led Three Lives (drama series)
I Love Lucy (comedy series - Ran from October 15, 1951, to May 6, 1957 and 3 more years, 1957-1960, as Lucy-Desi Comedy.)
I Married Joan (sitcom)
I Spy (drama series)
I'm the Law (police drama series)
I've Got a Secret (game show)
The Igor Cassini Show (talk show)
The Ilona Massey Show (variety show)
The Imogene Coca Show (variety show)
Information Please (quiz show)
International Playhouse (prime time movies)
It Could Be You (game show)
It Is Written (relgious - Christian)
It's a Business (sitcom)
It's a Great Life (sitcom)
It's a Small World (documentary travelogue)
It's Alec Templeton Time (music show)
It's Always Jan (sitcom)
It's News to Me (sitcom)
It's Polka Time (musical show)
The Jack Benny Program (comedy show)
The Jackie Gleason Show (variety comedy show)
Jackpot Bowling (sports)
Jacqueline Susann's Open Door (talk show)
Jamie (sitcom)
Jazz Party (music show)
Jefferson Drum (western series)
The Jimmy Dean Show (music variety show)
The Jimmy Durante Show (comedy variety show)
Jimmy Hughes, Rookie Cop (crime series)
The Jo Stafford Show (variety show)
The Joan Edwards Show (music show)
The Johnny Carson Show (variety show)
Johnny Jupiter (childrens' show)
Johnny Olson's Rumpus Room (variety show)
Johnny Ringo (western series)
Johnny Staccato (detective series)
The Johns Hopkins Science Review (documentary show)
The Jonathan Winters Show (variety comedy show)
The Joseph Cotten Show (drama show)
Joseph Schildkraut Presents (drama show)
Judge for Yourself (quiz show)
Judge Roy Bean (western series)
Jukebox Jury (variety show)
Jungle Jim (adventure series)
Justice (legal drama series)
Juvenile Jury (children's game show)
The Kaiser Aluminum Hour (drama show)
Keep It in the Family (game show)
Keep Talking (game show)
Kids and Company (children's show)
Kraft Music Hall (music show)
Kraft Television Theatre (drama show)
Kukla, Fran and Ollie (children's show)
Lamp Unto My Feet (religious show - Christian Protestant, Christian Catholic, Jewish)
Laramie (westerm series)
Lash of the West (western series)
Lassie (family drama series)
Law of the Plainsman (western series)
The Lawless Years (crime series)
Lawman (western series)
The Lawrence Welk Show (musical variety show)
Leave It to Beaver (family comedy series)
Leave It to Larry (sitcom)
Leave It to the Girls (talk show)
The Life and Legend of Wyatt Earp (western series)
Life Begins at Eighty (talk show)
Life Is Worth Living (religious - Catholic)
The Life of Riley (sitcom)
Life with Elizabeth (sitcom)
Life with Luigi (sitcom)
Lights Out (supernatural drama show)
The Lineup (police drama series)
List of special editions of Today (NBC program)
List of The Bob Cummings Show episodes (sitcom)
The Little Revue (musical variety show)
Lock-Up (legal drama series)
The Lone Ranger (children's western series)
Longines Chronoscope (talk show)
Love and Marriage (sitcom)
Love of Life (soap opera)
Love Story (drama show)
The Lucy–Desi Comedy Hour (I Love Lucy  ran from October 15, 1951, to May 6, 1957 and 3 more years ,1957-1960, as Lucy-Desi Comedy.)
Lux Video Theatre (drama show)
M Squad (police drama)
Mackenzie's Raiders (western series)
The Magic Clown (children's show)
The Magic Cottage (children's show)
The Mail Story (drama show)
Major Dell Conway of the Flying Tigers (Adventure series)
Major League Baseball Game of the Week (sports)
Major League Baseball on ABC (sports)
Major League Baseball on CBS (sports)
Major League Baseball on NBC (sports)
Make Me Laugh (game show)
Mama (comedy drama series)
Man Against Crime (crime drama)
The Man and the Challenge (science fiction drama)
The Man Behind the Badge (police drama)
The Man from Blackhawk (western series)
Man Without a Gun (western series)
Man's Heritage (religious - Christian)
Manhattan Spotlight (talk show)
Manhunt (crime drama series)
Mantovani (music series)
The Many Loves of Dobie Gillis (sitcom)
Marge and Jeff (sitcom)
Markham (crime drama series)
The Marriage (sitcom)
The Marshal of Gunsight Pass (western series)
The Martha Raye Show (comedy variety show)
The Martha Wright Show (variety show)
Martin Kane, Private Eye (crime drama show)
Mary Kay and Johnny (sitcom)
Masquerade Party (game show)
Matinee Theater  (drama show)
Maverick (western series)
Mark McCain (western series)
Medic (Medical drama series)
Medical Horizons (documentary show)
Meet Corliss Archer (sitcom)
Meet McGraw (detective drama series)
Meet Millie  (sitcom)
Meet Mr. McNutley  (sitcom)
Meet the Boss (news)
Meet the Masters (music show)
Meet the Press (news)
Meet Your Congress (documentary current events)
Melody Street (music show)
Men into Space (science fiction series)
Men of Annapolis (drama show)
MGM Parade (documentary show)
The Mickey Mouse Club (children's show)
The Mickey Rooney Show: Hey, Mulligan (sitcom)
Mickey Spillane's Mike Hammer (detective drama series)
Mighty Mouse Playhouse (children's show)
The Mike Wallace Interview (talk show)
The Millionaire (drama show)
The Milt Grant Show (teenager dance)
Miss Susan (soap opera)
Mister Peepers (sitcom)
Modern Homemakers (how to show)
The Morey Amsterdam Show (sitcom)
The Motorola Television Hour (drama show)
Movie 4 (played primetime movies)
Mr. Adams and Eve (sitcom)
Mr. District Attorney (crime drama series)
Mr. I-Magination (children's show)
Mr. Lucky (adventure drama series)
The Music Show (music show)
My Favorite Husband (sitcom)
My Friend Flicka (family drama series)
My Friend Irma  (sitcom)
My Little Margie (sitcom)
My Son Jeep (sitcom)
Naked City (police drama series)
Name That Tune (game show)
The Name's the Same (game show)
Navy Log (drama show)
NBA on DuMont (sports)
NBA on NBC (sports)
The NBC Comedy Hour (comedy show)
NBC Sunday Showcase (drama show)
The New Adventures of Charlie Chan (detective comedy drama series)
New York Confidential (crime drama series)
Newsweek Views the News (news)
NFL on CBS (sports)
NFL on DuMont (sports)
NFL on NBC (sports)
NHL on CBS (sports)
Night Court U.S.A. (legal drama show)
Night Editor (drama show)
Nine Thirty Curtain  (drama show)
Noah's Ark  (drama show)
Northwest Passage (adventure drama series)
Not for Publication (crime drama series)
O. Henry Playhouse (drama show)
Of Many Things (talk show)
Official Detective (detective drama series)
Okay, Mother (game show)
The Old American Barn Dance (music show)
Omnibus (variety show)
On Your Way (game show)
Once Upon a Tune (music variety show)
One Man's Experience (drama show)
One Man's Family (soap opera)
One Minute Please (quiz show)
One Woman's Experience (drama show)
Opera Cameos (music show)
Operation Information (talk show - current affairs)
The Original Amateur Hour (talent show)
Our Miss Brooks (sitcom)
Our Secret Weapon: The Truth (talk show - current affairs)
Ozark Jubilee (music variety show)
Pabst Blue Ribbon Bouts (sports)
Pantomime Quiz (quiz show)
The Pat Boone Chevy Showroom (variety show)
Paul Dixon Show (variety show)
Paul Whiteman's Goodyear Revue (variety show)
The Paul Winchell Show (variety show)
Penny to a Million (game show)
Pentagon (talk show, current affairs)
People are Funny (game show)
The People's Choice (sitcom)
People's Platform (talk show, current affairs)
The Pepsi-Cola Playhouse (drama show)
Perry Como television and radio shows (music comedy show)
Perry Mason (legal drama series)
Person to Person (talk show)
The Pet Shop (How to show)
Pete Kelly's Blues (drama series)
Peter Gunn (crime drama)
PGA Tour on CBS (sports)
The Phil Silvers Show (sitcom)
The Philco Television Playhouse (drama show)
Pick the Winner (talk show, current affairs)
Place the Face (game show)
The Plainclothesman (crime drama)
Play of the Week (drama show)
Playboy's Penthouse (variety show)
Playhouse 90 (drama show)
Police Call (drama show)
Police Station (crime series)
The Polly Bergen Show (comedy variety show)
Pony Express (western series)
Portia Faces Life (soap opera)
The Power of Women (talk show, current affairs)
Press Conference (documentary show, current affairs)
The Price Is Right (game show)
The Pride of the Family (sitcom)
Private Secretary (sitcom)
Pro Football Highlights (sports)
Producers' Showcase (drama show)
Professional Father (sitcom)
The Public Defender (legal drama series)
Public Prosecutor (crime talk show)
Pulitzer Prize Playhouse (drama show)
Pulse of the City (drama show)
Pursuit (drama show)
Queen for a Day (game show)
Quick on the Draw (game show)
Racket Squad (crime drama)
Ramar of the Jungle (adventure series)
The Range Rider (western series)
Rawhide (western series)
Ray Rayner (children's show)
The Real McCoys (family comedy series)
Rebound (drama show)
The Red Buttons Show (comedy show)
The Red Skelton Show (comedy show)
Renfrew of the Royal Mounted (children's adventure series)
Report Card for Parents (talk show, children's affairs)
Rescue 8 (action drama series)
The Restless Gun (western series)
Rheingold Theatre (drama show)
Rhythm Rodeo (talk show)
Richard Diamond, Private Detective (detective drama series)
Ricki and Copper (children's show)
The Rifleman (western series)
Riverboat (western series)
Robert Montgomery Presents (drama series)
Rocky Jones, Space Ranger (science fiction children's series)
Rocky King, Inside Detective (detective drama series)
Rod Brown of the Rocket Rangers (science fiction children's series)
Rootie Kazootie (children's show)
The Rough Riders (western series)
The Roy Doty Show (children's show)
The Roy Rogers Show (children's western show)
The Ruggles (sitcom)
Saber of London (detective series)
Sally (comedy western series)
Sam and Friends (children's show)
Saturday Night at the Garden (sports)
Schlitz Playhouse of Stars (drama show)
Science Fiction Theatre (science fiction show)
Science in Action (documentary series)
Scotland Yard (crime drama series)
Screen Directors Playhouse (drama show)
Sea Hunt (adventure series)
Search for Tomorrow (soap opera)
SEC on CBS (sports)
The Secret Storm (soap opera)
See It Now (documentary)
Sense and Nonsense (game show)
Sergeant Preston of the Yukon (children's adventure series)
The Seven Lively Arts (drama show)
Shadow of the Cloak (spy drama series)
Sheena, Queen of the Jungle (children's adventure series)
Sheriff of Cochise (western series)
Shirley Temple's Storybook (children's drama show)
Shotgun Slade (western series)
Shower of Stars (variety show)
The Silent Service (drama show)
The Silver Theatre (drama show)
Skipper Chuck (children's show)
Sky King (western series)
Small Fry Club (children's show)
So You Want to Lead a Band (variety show)
Soldiers of Fortune (adventure series)
Space Patrol (children's science fiction series)
Stage 7 (drama show)
Stage a Number (talent show)
The Stage Door (drama Series)
Stage Entrance (variety show)
Stage Show (musical variety show)
Stanley (1956 TV series)
Star of the Family (sitcom)
Star Time (variety show)
Star Tonight (variety show)
Starlit Time (drama show)
Startime (drama show)
State Trooper (crime drama series)
The Steve Allen Show (variety show)
Steve Canyon (adventure series)
Steve Donovan, Western Marshal (western series)
Steve Randall (crime series)
Stop the Music (game show)
Stories of the Century (western series)
The Stranger (drama series)
The Strawhatters (variety show)
Strike It Rich (game show)
The Stu Erwin Show (sitcom)
Studio 57 (drama show)
Studio Wrestling (sports)
Sugarfoot (western series)
Super Circus (variety show)
The Susan Raye Show (music show)
Suspicion (mystery drama series)
Take a Chance (game show)
Take a Good Look (game show)
The Talent Shop (talent show)
Talent Varieties (talent show)
Tales of the 77th Bengal Lancers (adventure military series)
Tales of the Texas Rangers (western series)
Tales of Tomorrow (drama show)
Tales of Wells Fargo (western series)
Telephone Time (drama show)
Tennis on NBC (sports)
Terry and the Pirates (adventure series)
Texaco Star Theater (comedy variety show)
The Texan (western series)
Texas John Slaughter (western series)
That's My Boy (sitcom)
The Eva Gabor Show (talk show)
They Stand Accused (court drama series)
The Thin Man (supernatural comedy series)
Think Fast (game show)
This is Alice (sitcom)
This is Music (music show)
This Is Show Business (talk show, entertainment)
This Is the Life (drama show)
This Is Your Life (reality show)
This Man Dawson (crime drama series)
Three Steps to Heaven (soap opera)
Tic-Tac-Dough (game show)
Tightrope (crime drama series)
Time for Reflection (religious)
Time Will Tell (game show)
To Tell the Truth (game show)
Today (news)
Tom Corbett, Space Cadet (children's science fiction)
Tombstone Territory (western series)
The Tonight Show (talk show)
Tonight Starring Jack Paar (talk show)
Tonight Starring Steve Allen (talk show)
The Tony Martin Show (music show)
Topper (comedy series)
Trackdown (western series)
Trash or Treasure (reality show)
Treasure (series)
Treasure Hunt (game show)
Treasury Men in Action (crime drama)
The Troubleshooters (adventure drama series)
Truth or Consequences (game show)
TV Reader's Digest (drama show)
TV Shopper (shopping)
Twenty One (game show)
Twenty Questions (game show)
The Twilight Zone (supernatural, science fiction drama show)
The Twilight Zone (supernatural, science fiction drama show)
Two for the Money (game show)
The Uncle Al Show (children's show)
Union Pacific (western series)
The United States Steel Hour (drama show)
The Untouchables (crime drama series)
Valiant Lady
The Vampira Show
The Veil
Victory at Sea
Village Barn
The Vincent Lopez Show
The Vise
Visit with the Armed Forces
The Voice of Firestone
Wagon Train (western show)
The Wallace and Ladmo Show (children's show)
Walt Disney Presents: Annette (children's drama series)
The Walter Winchell File (crime drama series)
The Walter Winchell Show (crime drama series)
Wanted (crime drama series)
Wanted: Dead or Alive (crime drama series)
Warner Bros. Presents (western show)
Washington Exclusive (news)
Watch Mr. Wizard (children's educational show)
The Web (drama series)
The Week in Religion (religious show - Christian protestant, Christian Catholic, Jewish)
The Wendy Barrie Show (talk show)
The West Point Story (drama military series)
Westinghouse Desilu Playhouse (drama show)
Westinghouse Studio One (drama show
What in the World? (quiz show)
What's Going On? (game show)
What's It For? (quiz show)
What's It Worth (reality show)
What's My Line? (game show)
What's the Story (game show)
What's Your Bid? (game show)
Wheel of Fortune (game show)
Where Was I? (talk show)
Where's Raymond? (sitcom)
Whirlybirds (adventure drama series)
Who Do You Trust? (game show)
Who Said That? (game show)
Wichita Town (western series)
Wide Wide World (documentary)
Willy (sitcom)
Windy City Jamboree (music show)
Winner Take All (game show)
Wire Service (drama series)
Wisdom (talk show)
Wisdom of the Ages (talk show)
With This Ring (talk show)
Woman with a Past (soap opera)
Wonderama (children's game show)
Walt Disney anthology television series (children's drama show)
The World Is Yours (documentary)
World of Giants (spy science fiction series)
The World of Mr. Sweeney (sitcom)
Wrestling at the Chase (sports)
Wrestling From Marigold (sports)
Yancy Derringer (western series)
You Are an Artist (educational art)
You Are There (educational history)
You Asked for It (reality show)
You Bet Your Life (quiz show)
You're On Your Own (game show)
Young Doctor Malone (soap opera)
Young Mr. Bobbin (sitcom)
Your Favorite Story (comedy show)
Your Hit Parade (music show)
Your Kaiser Dealer Presents Kaiser-Frazer "Adventures in Mystery" Starring Betty Furness in "Byline" (reality mystery)
Your Show of Shows (variety show)
Your Story Theatre (drama show)
Your Witness (legal drama series)
Youth on the March (religious)
Zoo Parade (documentary animal show)
Zoorama (documentary animal show)
Zorro (adventure series)