The Halcyon: Deco Photo Frame

Art Deco Photo Frame in a scene from The Halcyon Credit: ITV The Halcyon

Here is an interesting 30's style art deco photo frame prop you might have noticed in Episode One of ITV's The Halcyon.  Lady Priscilla Hamilton is seen holding the photo frame while she waits to see Mr Garland in his office in a scene from the first epidode of the ITV series. If you are interested in collectibles from the era you can find similar frames on eBay. Below is one example I saw on eBay today.


The Halcyon ITV: Royal Suite Crystal Lamps

Royal Suite at The Halcyon Credit: ITV The Halcyon - Left Bank Pictures

The Halcyon Episode 1 Royal Suite

The Halcyon is an ITV drama series about a grand hotel in wartime London. Lord Hamilton occupies the royal suite amid dramatic events in Episode 1 which was brodcast on ITV on Monday 2 Jan 9pm

Warren Kessler New York Crystal Table Lamp w/ Swan Neck in The Halcyon Royal Suite Credit: ITV The Halcyon - Left Bank Pictures

The set of such grand London hotel is fitted and decorated to perfection reflecting the wartime era. One of the first decor items we notice in the royal suite is a pair of ornate crystal table lamps.  The pair of cut glass crystal urn shaped table lamps are decorated with swan neck accents and  would not look out of place on Downton Abbey. You can see the details in a similar lamp that is currently listed on

Warren Kessler New York Crystal Urn Style Table Lamp w/ Swan Neck

This lamp is not an exact match to the pair on the show but is very similar and was made by Warren Kessler, New York Crystal. It is described as a  Brass Goose Neck Table Lamp. The lamp is 29 inches tall and has a telescoping rod to allow for varying heights. There are 2 sockets with pull chains that take standard bulbs. Similar lamps are seen in various materials. French garniture urns are seen with similar swan neck handles in marble with ormolu gilded bronze accents.