Nostalgia: A nice hot cup of Tea

Campbell's Tea
I have recently rediscovered Campbell's Tea. Campbell’s Perfect Tea’ has been a part of life in Ireland since 1797. In the late 1700s, George Campbell established a Grocery Business in Dublin and sold a blend of tea they were proud enough to put their name on, calling it “Campbell’s Perfect Tea” and sold in it's distinctive yellow tin. It brews to a rich satisfying flavor from the loose tealeaf - no tea bags here - for a traditionally favored strong cup of Irish tea. I like to brew in a brown betty teapot and pour through a classic tea strainer into the cup.
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Wallace and Gromit take their tea from a brown betty teapot and a classic Cornish stripe mug
The classic Brown Betty Teapot

For brewing the perfect cup of tea you are missing out unless you use a traditional brown betty teapot. The red clay it is made from and the round shape, which swirls the tea leaves around when the water is poured in, are appreciated by traditional tea drinkers for it's unique qualities in tea brewing.
A Brown Betty teapot and Cornish stripe mug are featured in the much loved Wallace and Gromit animations and lend a nostalgic appeal. As a gift for the tea lover a gift set made up of a fine tea blend a Brown Betty and some Cornish stripe mugs are sure to be appreciated.
Where to buy: Edwards China ebay store sell the teapot and mugs currently.
IF you are in Ireland you can buy Campbell's Tea at Dunnes Stores or from Amazon in USA

Gift Idea: Royal Doulton Downton Abbey Figurines

Royal Doulton Downton Abbey
Another gift idea for Downton Abbey fans is a Downton Abbey figurine from Royal Doulton. They are faithfully crafted limited edition pieces. A selection can currently be seen on the Royal Doulton online store.
If your favorite character is sold out you may find one at a good price  on eBay : CLICK HERE for the current listings on eBay

Lady Mary Figurine by Royal Doulton

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Holiday Collectibles: Add to your collection of Downton Abbey pieces from Dept 56

The holiday season is a great time for displaying Department 56 village collectibles and Downton Abbey fans who missed out on the now retired Downton Abbey pieces from Dept 56 can still find them for sale on the secondary market. The pieces are carefully designed as we can see from the Video clip below.

Downton Abbey: Mrs Hughes’ Pullman Lamp

Brass tripod Pullman lamp on Mrs Hughes table

If you ever wondered about the lamp on the table in Mrs Hughes sitting room you may be interested to know that it is a called a Pullman lamp. Pullman lamps were commonly seen on Pullman railway carriages in in the Edwardian era. The picture on the right above is an example of a similar brass tripod Pullman table lamp and is an original antique from the era . I see more like it on eBay occasionally. Click here to see the current selection.